The Challenges of Writing

Life's Obstacles

9/21/20221 min read

The thought-provoking question, "How do you find time to write?" has been asked countless times recently when a friend or colleague discovers my passion. My reply is, "I find a way." And I think this is a natural feeling and response when you love something. However, finding the time and executing the art has been a struggle lately. Not much creativity has poured onto the page in the last month.

As you may know, I'm an elementary school teacher. With the new school year in full swing, my time inside and outside of the classroom has been spent developing lessons, tracking data, and meeting deadlines. Did I mention grading and delivering feedback? Well, any educator understands the demands of teaching, as well as the myriad of hours spent on the profession away from the school site. And I welcome these challenges with open arms.

I’m also a husband and a full-time dad of four. My oldest daughters are in high-school, and their needs and wants are blooming daily- not to mention getting excessively expensive. Slowly, my role has evolved into more of a chauffeur to them than the tickle monster of yesterdays. Yet, I don’t let that affect me. I still have two younger ones that love to wrestle and snuggle with their daddy.

But, the daunting demands of a new school year and life in general have forced my passion to write onto the cooling back burner. How do I find time to write? Well, the past six weeks haven’t been kind to this question, but hope is on the way, though. The weather is changing, routines are reestablishing, and the chaotic storm is dissipating into a manageable task. The light is seeping over the horizon, diminishing the darkness.

Soon, very soon, the pen will be picked back up, and I can finally complete my second manuscript. It’s a chore, and requires patience and precision, but the reward is there for the taking. Let’s do this!